Registration is accepted all year based on teacher availability. To view availability please call the office at 647 343 7272 or view our online calendar. Many people book in trial lessons to start and see if the teacher is a good fit for them.

30 minute lesson = $35.00

45 minute lesson = $52.50

60 minute lesson = $70.00

Yearly admin fee = $25.00 individual /$35.00 family

For “Little Beats” class prices please view our “Little Beats” page


Lessons are billed the last week of each month for the upcoming month and payment is due the first week of the month. (ex. you will received a November invoice the last week of October and payment is due the first week of November.) Accepted forms of payment are interac transfer to or cash, credit card or cheque in person during our open office hours Monday – Friday 4:00 – 8:00pm.

NOTE: Students register for the entire year (start date through June), and continue forward from term-to-term unless notice to withdraw is received in the office at least 4 weeks in advance of the final lesson date.



Students who are just starting lessons with our school or who do not want to commit to regular lessons can join our Trial Lessons Program.

Trial Lessons are offered for either two or four lessons and must be paid for in advance, on or before the first lesson. Trial lessons are scheduled in advance and are not made up if they are cancelled or missed. Upon completion of their Trial Lesson period, students may then choose to continue their lessons regularly in their trial time slot or another time slot that is available. Should a student scheduled for Trial Lessons miss a scheduled Trial Lesson without notice, all following lessons will be cancelled with NO credit or refund.


When students need to cancel lessons:

  • If less than 24-hours notice is provided for cancellation the student will be marked absent and charged; no make-up lessons will be offered, and there are no refunds or credits for missed lessons.
  • If the teacher receives more than 24-hours notice of cancellation, the student will be eligible to receive a make up lesson subject to make-up policy below.


Make Up Lessons:

  • “Make-up lessons” are lessons offered outside of regularly scheduled lessons to make up for a cancelled lesson. These make-up lessons are to be arranged between teacher and student at a mutually agreed-upon time and are to be held at the music school.
  • Students are entitled to a maximum of 4 make-up lessons per year, at a maximum of 2 make-up lessons per term (Terms are September – December, January – March, April – June)
  • Students who cancel more than 2 lessons per term or more than 4 per year will forfeit fees for those additionally cancelled lessons regardless of the amount of notice given.
  • Make-up lessons may be carried over from term to term but must be used up by the end of the spring term or will be forfeited.
  • Students on Trial or Periodic Lesson Programs are not eligible for make-up lessons
  • There are “no make-ups for make-ups”: once a make-up lesson is booked between teacher and student it cannot be rescheduled by the student. If a student misses a scheduled make-up lesson, it is forfeited regardless of notice given. If a teacher needs to cancel a scheduled make-up lesson, the lesson fee will be credited to the student as either a make-up credit or cash credit to their account.


When teachers need to cancel lessons:

Periodically, teachers will need to cancel and reschedule lessons due to their performance schedule. At On the the Off Beat we hire teachers that are also professional musicians – we believe it is imperative to a student’s musical education to study with a teacher who is a practicing performer as well as a highly trained teacher. In the case of a scheduled teacher absence with 24 hrs notice (ex. for a performance gig), a make-up lesson will always be scheduled with the student.

In the case of a last-minute cancelled lesson (teacher’s illness or emergency the day of), the lesson will be cancelled and the client’s account will be credited to the total cost of the lesson. This is the only time lesson credits will be offered.


Students wishing to end their regular music lessons must inform OTOB staff of the cancellation in writing (a quick email will do) at least four weeks in advance of the final lesson day. Students will be billed for the four weeks of lessons after notice is given whether those lessons are attended or not. All outstanding make-up lessons must be used within that four-week time or will be forfeited.


Ensemble/Class Policies
Once registered for one of the ensembles or group classes, you are required to make a strong commitment; this means showing up to all of the classes and practicing your part at home. These classes will be added to your regular monthly invoice. If you miss a class, there will be NO makeup or credit given.

Teacher Cancellation – Group Classes/Ensembles of 3 or more students only:
In the event that the Ensemble/Group Class instructor needs to reschedule a lesson, all efforts will be made to ensure that all students enrolled are able to attend an alternate lesson time. If any one of the students is unable to accommodate the alternate lesson time, the lesson will be cancelled and accounts will be credited to the cost of the ensemble/group lesson for all students enrolled.

Minimum Enrollment:

Certain group classes or ensembles require a minimum enrollment for the course to go forward. In the event that a student withdraws and not enough enrollment remains, the course will be suspended. Students/parents and teachers will work together to decide the best course of action for the remaining students.

Ending or Suspending Ensembles

Students wishing to end their Ensemble classes must inform OTOB staff of the cancellation in writing (a quick email will do) at least four weeks in advance of the final lesson day. Students will be billed for the four weeks of lessons after notice is given whether those lessons are attended or not.

Ending Theory/Little Beats/Ukulele Classes

There are no refunds for classes – student who decide to discontinue classes during a session will forfeit the remaining classes if they do not attend.


Lessons are expected to be paid in advance, on or before the student’s first lesson of the term. Accepted forms of payment are interac transfer to or cash, cheque, credit card in person during our office hours Monday – Friday from 4:00 – 8:00pm.

Should lessons go unpaid for 1 month, On the Off Beat reserves the right to suspend weekly lessons until all outstanding invoices are paid in full. In order to re-schedule lessons, lessons should be paid in advance in compliance with our payment policies.