Emily received her Bachelor of Music Therapy (BMT) from Wilfrid Laurier University and enjoyed working as a music therapist for several years with a wide variety of client populations. After her first child was born, she decided to switch gears to focus solely on teaching and finds her music therapy background is an excellent launchpad: she is a sensitive listener who strives to discover and support each child’s unique way of learning. She is especially passionate about music as a language that can connect others.

Emily has fond memories of attending Early Childhood and Music classes from a young age. Her training in Early Childhood and Music from The Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto furthered her belief that music can help a child develop in many ways, including socially, mentally, and physically. She encourages others to attend music programs from a young age because these classes provide a wonderful foundation for future musical endeavors and appreciation. “When we play, our brains are very open to learning, and music allows us to play on so many levels! Come along with me to experience basic beat, rhythms, melodies, dynamics, improvisation, and music listening, all while exercising creative self-expression.”