We are a husband and wife team that own and operate our community music school in Leslieville. Michael is a professional drummer (he won best drum core in the World Pipe Band Championships in 2018) and also teaches drums at OTOB. Carissa is a professional jazz pianist and vibraphonist. Their passion is to provide your child with a musical education taught by highly qualified musicians and music educators. They are very involved in the community and offer OTOB music students various opportunities to perform in the community. Look for our donations at your local school fundraising event or even some of our students performing at events such as Wanderlust! Call us at 647 343 7272 or e-mail us info@ontheoffbeat.ca. 

Michael and Carissa were recently featured in the Toronto Star for their “Live Jazz from Across the Street” performances during the lockdown in the summer of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. Check out some videos here!


OTOB owners supported a local charity by providing drum students for the cheering squad at the Scotiabank Marathon in 2017
OTOB owners donated their time and talents for the Leslieville Public School’s fundraising event in 2017
Carissa and Michael at Wanderlust while one of our students plays in the dress shop