Josh is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Jazz Performance. His father began teaching him guitar at a young age, and he has been in love with the instrument ever since. Deciding he wanted to pursue music as a career, he moved from Calgary to Toronto to study at the University of Toronto. His education helped develop his understanding of theory, harmony, writing, and improvisation. While primarily a jazz guitarist now, his love for folk, rock, and punk sees him gigging and writing music across genres. 

Josh has been helped by his teachers at many stages of his musical journey, and he understands the influence that a good teacher can have on a student. His fathers’ patient and supportive teaching helped nurture his passion at a young age, while his private instructors at the University of Toronto always pushed and challenged him to develop his skills and continue his growth as a musician. Josh wishes to have the same positive influence on his students when he teaches. He believes in finding ways to make each student passionate about the music based on their own needs and interests. He hopes to follow his students on their musical journey to see their passion and skill develop and grow.