After School Program 2023/24 – the last day is Thursday, June 27th, 2024

Final Performance – Sunday, June 9th at Beach United Church

Registration is now open for 2024/25!

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Meet our after-school program teacher Cameron! For more videos and information about Cameron please click HERE

Join us for these fun and educational classes for kids that love to sing, dance, play instruments, and meet new friends! We have an outdoor space on the property for kids to run around and lots of crafts and activities to break up the afternoon. There are two performances a year for kids to show their family and friends what they’ve been learning as well as various other community performance opportunities! Choose which day(s) you’d like. We offer pick-up from the following schools: Bruce Public School, Leslieville Public School, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and Morse Public School

Check out some videos of our musical theater group’s performance from 2022 – they made their own set and props and even created their own script together:

Cameron’s musical theatre group performed at Leslieville’s Wanderlust Tree Lighting Ceremony 2023:

Weekly Schedule

Beginning September 2023 after-school programs run until 6:00 pm! You may pick up your child earlier if you like

Tuesdays – Musical Theater with Cameron Tania

Thursdays – Musical Theater with Cameron Tania

We may be offering more days – keep checking for updates

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The Space

We have a beautiful space for these programs! We also have a nice green space for kids to take a break and have some outdoor time!

Program Hours  

Optional pick-up (walking) from Bruce Public School, Leslieville Public School, St. Joseph’s Catholic School, and Morse Public School are included in the program fees. We will pick the students up from their schools at their school’s pick-up time (each school is different). Students will have some supervised free time after school outside in our side yard until 3:45 pm and programming runs from 3:45 pm until 6:00 pm. Students are welcome to join the program who do not require pick-up if they are able to get to OTOB on their own. 

Program Ages

This program is for ages 6 – 10 and has a maximum of 8 children per day.

Program Dates

This program will run every weekday throughout the 2024/25 school year (Tuesday, September 3rd, 2024 to Sunday, June 29th, 2025.

For all holidays/closures please visit:

PA Days

Our program still runs on PA days however we do not offer to pick up from schools. Please drop your child off at 3:45 pm on PA days.

Students are welcome to join any time of year depending on availability.

Program Fees 2024/25:

1 day/ week – $250/month

2 days/week – $375/month

3 days/week – $500/month

No tax added!

The first payment will be taken upon registration and the following payments will automatically be taken on the 1st of each month from the billing account on file. You can either set up a credit card or ACH account. If you join the program mid-year your first payment will be pro-rated. We do offer a 10% sibling discount (for the after-school program only).

Cancelling Classes:

Classes are booked and paid for in advance and cannot be rescheduled for any reason by the student. If a student misses a class, the class will not be rescheduled and payment will not be credited. If the teacher is away for a class, we will find a suitable substitute. In order to quit the program, we require four weeks’ notice.


Please bring your own snacks/water bottle – food will not be provided by OTOB. 

If you have questions or would like us to contact you with more information please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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