OTOB is temporarily unable to offer in-person lessons due to the lockdown measures. We are currently offering online private lessons as well as online “Little Beats” classes. In-person lessons will resume when we are allowed to re-open. Thank you for your continued support of our family-run business and amazing music teachers.

In order to attend in-person lessons you must adhere to the following procedures (Please be patient as we may add more updates):

If you’re sick STAY HOME

Our Covid-19 Protocols for in-person lessons:

  • Compulsory masks and/or face shields to be worn by everyone entering the building
  • Shoes must be placed in the front areas – no shoes allowed inside the studios or hallways
  • Use of hand sanitizer is required upon entering the building
  • Only the student and one parent/guardian (if necessary) will be allowed to enter the building
  • Students, parents and teachers will be screened for Covid-19 symptoms before entering the building. If any student or parent displays any symptoms of Covid-19 they will be sent home and the lesson is forfeit.
  • Teachers will be screened for COVID- 19 symptoms and are required to have a temperature check before teaching. If any teacher displays symptoms they will be sent home and the lessons will be cancelled.
  • Doors will remain locked – teachers will unlock doors and let students out/in for their lesson time only. Students will wait outside for their teacher to open the door for them to begin the lesson and will be let outside as soon as the lesson is over. Parents are responsible for dropping off and picking up students on time. Students will not be supervised while waiting for pickup.
  • Students must bring their own drumsticks/ukuleles/guitars/violins/bows as well as music books. There will be no spare music books or instruments.
  • Larger rooms will be utilized for safe distancing measures
  • Separate entrance doors are available for each of our three floors
  • Piano keys will be disinfected before each student
  • Surfaces will be wiped down frequently throughout the day
  • Each of our studios has windows for air circulation. Our building does not have air vents so air is not being circulated between studios
  • Social distancing will be practiced as much as possible
  • Washrooms will be cleaned frequently

What happens if I’m sick or need to get a COVID test and need to cancel my in-person lesson?

Thank you for staying home if you are sick 🙂 ! We all need to be especially cautious and flexible during this time so here are some options for you – please inform the office and your teacher if you need to cancel a lesson and let us know what you’d like to do:

If you are cancelling with less than 24 hours’ notice

  • Have an online lesson instead of in-person during your regular lesson time if your teacher is able to. Please note that not all of our teachers are equipped to teach online at OTOB.

If you are cancelling with at least 24 hours’ notice:

  • Reschedule the lesson with your teacher to a later time when all symptoms are cleared and/or you have finished quarantining. You are eligible for up to four lessons per year to reschedule – please visit our website for more information: https://ontheoffbeat.ca/rates-policies/
  • Have an online lesson instead of in-person during your regular lesson time if your teacher is able to. Please note that not all of our teachers are equipped to teach online at OTOB.

Please note that if a second wave of the pandemic occurs we will automatically resort to online lessons keeping the same schedule. Students will still be required to give four weeks’ notice if they want to quit.

To view our space/studios and how we’re working to keep everyone safe please visit our social media channels:



“Happy Music Making” and the best of health to you all,