If you are signing up for regular term lessons you will need to set up a membership with our administrative team.

OTOB’s regular term lesson membership entitles you to 40 lessons per year and the monthly payments are as follows:

30 minute lessons @$36.50 each = $146.00/month

45 minute lessons @$54.75 each = $219.00/month

60 minute lessons @ $73.00 each = $292.00/month

There is a once-a-year registration fee of $35 individual/$50 family rate that will be added to your first invoice upon registration.

If you are starting mid-year your first payment will be pro-rated and the amount of lessons will vary depending on your starting lesson date. If your lessons fall on a Monday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday you may be awarded “family lessons” to compensate for any upcoming statutory holiday closures.

“Family lessons” can booked with any of our teachers on any instrument and are transferrable to any member of your immediate family. You have until the end of August, 2020 to use these lessons! It’s a great chance to try a new instrument, try some lessons with another sibling, or book in an extra lesson before the recital!

Can I change lesson days/teachers during the year?

Of course! Schedules change during the year and we are happy to accommodate lesson changes dependant upon availability.

For those who signed up for lessons prior to November 1st please note that if you are changing days/teachers during the year you will be put onto the above membership and that any make ups owing for cancelled lessons within your past membership will be forfeit. Please e-mail info@ontheoffbeat.ca to request a lesson day/teacher change and we will send you more detailed billing information.

To view our school policies please visit: https://ontheoffbeat.ca/rates-policies/