We’re expanding in January! Register now for new teachers, studios and classes for January – please contact us to inquire about availability.

We offer one on one instruction with some of Toronto’s top musicians and teachers. Start with some trial lessons to see if the teacher is a good fit for you or your child, or jump right into regular term lessons – you choose! You can register for private lessons any time of year. 

Rates for private lessons 

30 minute lesson = $36.50

45 minute lesson = $54.75

60 minute lesson = $73.00

Trial and regular term lessons must be booked through the office (they are not available for online registration). For information on our regular term lesson membership please visit: https://ontheoffbeat.ca/lessons-programs/private-lessons/otobs-regular-term-lesson-membership/



If you can’t decide which teacher or instrument to choose then you might want to start with trial lessons! You can book either two or four trial lessons through the office any time of year and try different teachers, times and instruments!

Please note that we will only hold your time slot until the day of your last trial lesson. Trial lessons are booked and paid for up front and are not made up if they are cancelled or missed. You can purchase either two or four trial lessons:

Two trial lessons must be either booked consecutively or within one week of purchase. Cost is $73.00 for two half hour lessons/$109.00 for two 45 minute lessons or $146.00 for two hour lessons.

Four trial lessons must be either booked consecutively or within two weeks of purchase. Cost is $146.00 for four half hour lessons/$219.00 for four 45 minute lessons or $292.00 for two hour lessons.

Upon completion of these trial lessons students can contact the office to sign up for regular term lessons.

For more information on trial and regular term lesson policies please visit our rates/policies page


Regular term lessons are a weekly commitment from the time of registration until June 26th, 2020. Students will need to sign up for a membership to register for private regular term lessons – payments will be taken automatically from their payment method on file on the 1st of every month.

More information on regular term lessons


We start private lessons at different ages dependant on the instrument. Below are the starting ages for various lessons offered at OTOB:

Age 6+ – drums, violin, piano, ukulele

Age 7+ – guitar, bass, voice

Age 10+ – electronic music/DJ


Start here! Please fill out our form below and we’ll be in touch soon!

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