Cameron Tinklenberg – Electronic Music

Check out Cameron creating music on the spot with Ableton at our clinic in January. Want to learn how to make electronic music….how cool is that?!


View more clips of Cameron’s music on our Instagram Page

Why take electronic music lessons?

  • Cameron is an Ableton expert as well as an accomplished jazz pianist!
  • You can hook up your keyboard, guitar, vocal mic to our studio set up
  • If you already play an instrument, this is a creative way to start composing and creating your own music

Cameron’s lesson overview

In lessons we will be surveying modern techniques in music production. More specifically, we will cover the basic skills needed to create music with the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Ableton. In lessons we will explore music making with focus on production and will approach each topic with explicit expectations of artistic and musical applications. After several electronic music lessons (and lots of home practice) you will be able to make a song from start to finish using Ableton.

Goals: Gain proficiency in the Ableton music production environment. Learn basic concepts and techniques of computer-based music, composition, and performance. Students will be exposed to the essentials of digital audio, workflow, musical acoustics and psychoacoustics, audio engineering, sound analysis, and synthesis.

What concepts would be covered in lessons?

  • Working with audio & MIDI effects and automation
  • Warping and sampling
  • Workflow project synthesis
  • Song structure Song Transcription
  • Analysis basics of mixing
  • Compression EQ audio effect

What gear do I need?

  • A personal laptop
  • Ableton Suite software – if you want to try a couple lessons before buying Ableton you’re welcome to use OTOB’s program. There is an educational discount available for students purchasing Ableton available through Albeton Live. (You will need a letter from OTOB to get this discount – please contact the office to request this.)
  • Your own set of headphones or monitor

Suggested Readings and Online Courses

  • Ableton Live 101 Courses on accessible through the Toronto Public Library
  • Producing Music with Ableton Live by Jake Perrine
  • Making Music: 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers by Dennis DeSantis
  • Lessons and Ableton Previews Required



Cameron Tinklenberg 

Cameron Tinklenberg, a keyboardist, pianist, and electronic music producer originally from Wilmington, North Carolina, US is a very versatile and experienced musician who is relatively new to the Toronto music scene. Having performed and played a wide variety of musical genres such as jazz, hip-hop, reggae, funk, rock, blues, EDM, folk, and almost anything in-between, Cameron has had a broad musical career and continues to perform and play throughout Canada and the United States. Cameron has performed with many North Carolina based groups such as The Coastal Collective, Temple5, The Keith Butler Trio, The NuJazz Trio, Rebekah Todd & The Oddyssey, The Valedictorians, Heritage, and many others. He has also played alongside prominent jazz musicians such as Herman Burney, Delfeayo Marsalis, Joe Chambers, Matthew White, to name a few. He was the co-founder of The Coastal Collective and Temple5, which are two well known jazz/hip-hop groups in North Carolina. He composed music and performed as a keyboardist extensively at music festivals throughout the southeastern United States, and has had the pleasure of opening up for Lupe Fiasco, CeeLo Green, Nappy Roots, J-Swiss, Wordsworth, and many other prominent hip-hop artists. Cameron has been apart of tours across the US and currently stays busy pursuing his masters in Music Technology and Digital Media at The University of Toronto. Having taught electronic music production and piano for many years, Cameron prides himself in being an effective and personable teacher who strives to push every student to realize their musical potential.