Emma Heath-Engel – piano

Emma Heath-Engel – piano


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Emma Heath-Engel has been playing piano since age 4, and began teaching at 18. She holds an ARCT in Piano Performance from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and a Major in music from the University of Toronto. She had the great privilege of studying under renowned educator Andrew Markow, head designer of the Royal Conservatory of Music curriculum, and co-author of the Four Star Sightreading Books.  Emma has also had the opportunity to learn a variety of instruments, and play and sing in different musical ensembles in various musical traditions, and styles, from around the world.

Though a passionate performer at a young age, Emma’s passion now lies in teaching piano, as well as in writing conscious hoop hop (Native hip hop)/ hip hop music, learning Latin jazz piano, and R&B vocals.  Her passion for teaching piano lies in having to re-start her piano learning at age 13, after playing for 10 years, due to learning incorrect playing posture at a young age, though a strong knowledge of scales and chords, and love of music, allowed her to reach an ARCT level within one year, under the instruction of Andrew Markow. She is a registered teacher with the Royal Conservatory of Music, and has also played in, and won, various competitions such as The Davenport Music Festival, and The Kiwanis Music Festival, as both a solo and duo performer.

Emma emphasizes having fun and building confidence at the piano, and with music in general.  She also makes it possible for each student to have as much control and choice in their piano learning journey as possible. Possible musical directions for Emma’s students include: learning how to play in different musical styles and idioms, building a strong foundation in Western Classical piano technique and repertoire, as well as composition, and learning how to play by ear.

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