Fall Registration 2017/18

For current OTOB students you have until Thursday, June 15th to register and keep your same time slot for the fall. After June 15th all times will be open to new students on a first come first serve basis.

For new students please get in touch with us June 16th to register for the fall.

Current OTOB Students

Registration forms are available in the office or online: Registration Form 2017/18. If you know you are returning to OTOB in September and would like to keep the same time slot please fill out the form and get your teacher to sign for your time. If you’d like to change time slots within your teacher’s studio please talk to your teacher to see if there are any available spots for you, then get them to sign the form with the new time slot. Forms without your teacher signature will not be processed. 

Deadline to register for 2017/18 is Thursday, June 15th. As of June 16th all time slots will be open to the public on a first come first serve basis.

What you will need:

1. Completed Registration Form 2017/18

2. Deposit for September lessons (post dated cheque for September is acceptable)

3. Teacher’s signature on the form

Rates for fall 2017/18 lessons (September deposit amounts)

Private Lessons

30 Min. Lesson $33.00 X 4                                                 $132.00
45 Min. Lesson $49.50  X 4                                                $198.00
60 Min. Lesson $66.00  X 4                                                $264.00

Plus yearly admin fee – $25 individual/$35 family