“Little Beats” – Music Classes for Ages 2 – 5

Registration for Summer Classes is now open!

Don’t delay - classes are limited to six little musicians! All classes are first come first serve with a completed registration form and payment. For those continuing with us we only require the payment. 




“Little Beats” Ages 2/3

Using games and songs drawn from Kodaly and Orff methods, students in the first levels of Little Beats will explore basic musical concepts, such as steady beat, loud and soft, high and low and pitch-matching.  Our unit on the orchestra will introduce children to the sights and sounds of Western classical instruments.  Students will develop their coordination and rhythm through use of un-pitched percussion instruments as well as through dancing and movement exercises. 


“Little Beats” Ages 4/5

These levels of Little Beats goes one step further, introducing children to musical notation and terminology in preparation for private lessons.  We will continue to reinforce basic musical concepts through more complex songs and games.  Un-pitched percussion will be used to create ostinatos as children learn to play and sing at the same time.  Our orchestral unit will expand to include more instruments not covered in the first level of Little Beats.   





 Tuesdays from 5:30 – 6:00pm

July 11th, 18th, August 8th and 15th

Classes are $15 each. You can choose which classes you’d like to attend.



 Tuesdays from 6:10 – 6:55pm

July 11th, 18th, August 8th and 15th

Classes are $20 each. You can choose which classes you’d like to attend.



Cancelling Classes:

 “Little Beats” Classes are booked and paid for in advance and cannot be reschedule for any reason by the student. If a student misses a class the class will not be rescheduled and payment will not be credited. 

Parental attendance:

Classes are intended for kids only. This creates a healthy, positive atmosphere for the children both socially and musically. If you’d like to attend just the first class to check it out you are more than welcome!



Be sure to specify your class time and level that you would like to attend on the registration form. Payment is due for the complete session up front. Please send interac payments to: info@ontheoffbeat.ca

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